August 5, 2011

Cinemagraphs - a moving picture!

Yes, you read it right - "a moving picture"

In the recent past, internet was buzzing with these new image files that had motion in them. These are called cinemagraphs and were first made by Jamie Beck, a photographer and Kevin Burg, a Web Design/Motion artist. You can see their work on this page.

My side of the story was this: A friend of mine showed me this page and I was so excited that I forgot the word 'fantastic'. My wonderful friends, now my models all came together to this quick try out. I thought it worked out pretty good!

Here is our work and tell us what you think...

Model - Matt Staroste

Model - Vanessa Rydell

A new word to our vocabulary, a new skill under my belt and a cool thing for all of us to look at - Cinemagraphs!

Until next, as always,
Manoj Sarang


Shrinivas said...

dat is really amazing!!! :)

Black said...


Manoj Sarang said...

Thanks folks :)

Ramachandran said...

always feel like seeing newspapers similar to ones in Harry Potter.. :D
looks good..

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